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Indie Mixtape Nashville

Indie Mixtape Nashville


We’re so excited to be a part of this compilation, and you can get it for FREE this week on Noisetrade!
Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville releases for free on Noisetrade Saturday, September 20th.
This compilation, curated by the members of Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, features 20 songs that offer up some of the best from Nashville’s growing indie rock music scene. In a city historically known for country music, the longstanding indie rock scene in Nashville has recently gained more recognition thanks to the likes of local residents Jack White and The Black Keys.
We wanted to do something that really showcased some of Nashville​’s best indie music,” said frontman Daniel Ellsworth. “We wanted to let everyone outside of Nashville in on all the amazingness that’s going on here right now.  We’re super excited to be releasing this compilation. It’s filled with some of our favorite bands and artists​ – and most importantly – some of our favorite people. “
Bassist Marshall Skinner continued, “The Nashville music community has always been about supporting what other people are doing, and that’s what this compilation is all about.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, too. There’s so much amazing music here, we can’t fit it all on one compilation. Our plan is to continue releasing these mixtapes filled with the best Nashville has to offer.  We hope you love all these bands and artists as much as we do, and if you discover something new that you love, do us a favor and pass it on!”
The Indie Mixtape Nashville compilation will be available for free on Noisetrade starting on Saturday, September 20th (here: and available at your favorite digital retailer or streaming service on Tuesday, September 30th.
1. Majestico – I Just Want To
2. Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes – Phantoms
3. Heyrocco – Virgin
4. Phin – Those Killers
5. Sol Cat – Sea Of Light
6. INTL – Spitfire
7. Moseley – Faithful
8. James Wallace & The Naked Light – Worse Things Have Happened
9. Escondido – Evil Girls
10. Kyle Andrews – Great Big Life
11. *repeat repeat – Not The One
12. Milktooth – What You Do To Me
13. Vinyl Thief – Pipes
14. Goodbye June – Man I Am
15. Photo Ops - Chameleons
16. Modoc – Runnin’
17. Kink Ador – Personal Judas
18. Tessla Rossa – Kinetic
19. Earl Burrows – Hey Me Israeli
20. Lulu Mae – Memphis Woman
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Med School


It’s happened. Our leader, Joel, has officially started his time as a medical student at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine in Memphis, just like we said he would.

Off to med school

This, of course, changes our day-to-day operation, with the Finleys in Memphis and the rest of the band in Nashville. Rest assured, though, this doesn’t necessarily mean an end to Lulu Mae.

And duh, if you aren’t already loving our newest 2014 album, Mean River, get it!

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Show announcement (what?!) and explanation

Hey there friends!  As you are most likely aware, the Mean River CD release show was SUPPOSED to be our last show for a long time. You may be wondering then why we just added another, and why we said the Exit/In show was our last when it really wasn’t.
In all honesty, the Mean River release was the last show that we had planned.  It just so happened that shortly after the show we were contacted by the good people at Tennessee Brew Works to play at their block party. It should be no surprise to anyone that Lulu Mae loves Nashville and craft beer and a good party, so we decided to postpone our hiatus in the interest of engaging with our community one last time before Joel and Sarah head west.
We hope you don’t feel misled, and we also hope that you will join us if you’re in town on June 28 to support some of our favorite local businesses and some great Nashville bands.  It’s going to be one heck of a time.
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Album review – Deli Magazine

“Lulu Mae is like a pack of golden retrievers… endearingly wholesome,  but still animals at their core, completely capable of tearing a critter (or audience) to shreds.”

Great and insightful song-by-song album review of “Mean River” posted on The Deli Magazine today! Take a look.